Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lifesavers: Gosh, that was hard.

Post-Christmas chaos, my brother trying to move, my Grandmother's health deteriorating suddenly, that was when Dad's 7-day headache took a turn for the worse.

Here are my sent text messages from the past week. You don't really have to read them. But I needed someplace to put them down...

Tues, Dec 28, 2010

3:38 PM
Dad in ER, doing brain scan to check for bleed or clot. headache still, just threw up. please be praying for healing and discernment.

5:54 PM to Mary, my baby/dog sitter
might need u to go to my house to take care of dog

8:04 PM
Dad not been seen by neurosurgeon doc yet, but they trying to thicken his blood bf they do surgery. Doc in in another surg now. Crazy crowded around here. Please pass the word around

8:22 PM to Mary
Got neighbors to take care of dog, but thanks for being willing to help

Doc not see dad yet cuz doc in surg. giving him stuff to try to thicken blood to prep for surg. Called a subdermal hemmorage with midline shift, means bleeding under skull, moving brain to the side bc of pressure

8:50 PM to family
try to thicken blood with plasma sounds like it be several hours bf we know more

9:32 PM
Lots of waiting going on, trying to thicken blood, doc in another surgery, so hasn't seen him yet. Gonna be a long night.

10:54 PM
Good news! just saw the dr. and clot is at least a week old, not currently bleeding. clot in between brain and skull, not in brain at all. once blood gets thick enough, they will do procedure at bedside to drain it. hopefully in morning. always risk of complications that close to brain, but this shud be simple procedure. thank u for all the prayers!

11:33 PM
not going home tonight. Dad not making sense with his words and can't make decisions. So we stay here. pray we get some sleep in these recliner chairs.

Dec 29, 2010
7:27 AM
had 2 bags of plasma in night. numbers still not where they need to be. starting 2 more bags. gonna be at least 6 more hours before surgery. everything else the same

9:35 AM
I thot dad's decision making lack be to pain meds, but he not having any. Instead it happening because of the pressure on his brain.

9:57 AM
in other news, my 103 yo Grandmother is probably dying. She at home with sis in laws caring for her. Hurts to swallow, won't eat...doesn't look good. Lots of stress around here...

10:29 AM
Today things mostly same, except dad is not himself, very lethargic, fuzzy minded. hoping this goes away when brain pressure is relieved.

2:07 PM to baby/dogsitter
Thanks for prayers, mark home with the kids, im planning to come home tonight, then be back in the morning. maybe contact mark to see what he needs. there weren't a lot of groceries in the house when i left suddenly....

3:39 PM
prepping dad to put a drain in thru his skull now...finally...we were beginning to not be able to wake him up. nurse said without the drain, he just get sleepier and sleepier till he went into coma. glad for him to be done with this part. thanks for the prayers!

4:06 PM
Grandmother same as yesterday. only ate 1 egg and half piece of toast in 24 hours. right hand swollen. ordered a hospital bed to be delivered today. trying to let her be home instead of going to nursing home.

4:17 PM
Tomorrow be our 15 year anniversary! we postponed our ski trip....

5:15 PM
Drain in quicker than they expected. 100 cc drained so far, doc thinks he had 200-3-- cc in there. dad sedated in sleep for a couple hours, but they woke him and he can move toes & fingers. so far, so good!

7:09 PM
Dad awake and back to full personality! what a relief! funny hearing him try to remember whats happened and what he was like. we are all smiles around here! be praying against infection

Dec 30
9:27 AM
More good news! ct scan this morn showed no new or old blood. took the drain out! if dad can walk around this morn, they let him come home this afternoon. he REALLY glad about this!

9:47 AM
About grandmother, she was up 10 times in night requiring care...moving her to nursing home today for 5 days "respite care" to give mom chance to rest and care for dad. my vigil will be moved to that location next.

9:58 AM
do i need anything?...hmmmmm.....a few days of calm and rest! but my grandmother is probably dying and that is also weighing very heavily on me. the other family been caring for her while mom and i on vigil with dad. today they moving her to a nursing home. she still has most her mental capacity and this potential to be traumatic. please be pray about what my role be. to go be with her at nursing home? when? how long?

11:25 AM to Mary

Any chance u cud bbsit this aft/eve? my dad coming home, but my gmother moving to nursing home, I need to go be with her

12:04 PM
on my way

2:05 PM
how tall is gmother? the nurse wants to know...

Grandmother is back home now. Care for her has increased significantly.Please keep her in your prayers.

My dad is recovering faster than the docs anticipated! I'm so thankful God kept him here with us!

I'm trying to recover physically and emotionally. Very tired and pretty melancholy.


Kelly said...

Wow! That was eventful. So nice that you are there when your family needed you. I will pray you continue to recover physically and mostly emotionally. BTW, Happy Anniversary! Hope you get to take that ski trip soon!

Malissa $ said...

Oh Jody! Reading these make me so sad for you. I wish I had received these texts, I would have gladly watched kids, watched dogs or cooked some meals for you all. I'll continue to pray for you and family but PLEASE give me a call/text if you need ANYTHING!!!

Anonymous said...

Jody, I'm really glad to see this update. We heard about your dad going into the hospital & started praying, but hadn't heard anything more. We figured no news was good news & that you were probably overwhelmed with communication with people as it was.

I'll still be praying for you; you must be exhausted in every way. May the word & the spirit sustain you.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again, whenever things calm down.

Edward and Gretchen said...


I am so thankful God wasn't ready to take your dad home. I will continue to pray for his recovery and that your sweet grandmother's final days would be peaceful. Phew, what a whirlwind of 2 days. But melancholy??? I can hardly believe that.

Kimberly said...

Oh, gf. Even tho Mark did a good job of keeping up updated, reading this was hard. I remember what it was like when my Dad went thru his heart surgery. Touch and go is so scary...even with our assurance that God is in control. And I remember watching my G'ma's life here come to an end. Again, so hard, but a much-deserved relief for her, too.

You are a strong woman, but I'm still prayin' lots for ya, gf. Love you!

Kretschmer Family said...

Sue and I were very sorry to hear about everything that happened. We are very glad to hear that your dad is better and we continue to keep him and your grandma in our prayers.