Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blast from the Past: Timing is everything

One year ago today I took this picture.

But how I took this picture is what I'm gonna tell you about. I took an antique chair that I got for $7.50 at a sale and I put it out on my lawn and let my daughter do her thing. This time I didn't call her name or make funny noises to capture an expression or a twinkle in the eye. I just wanted realness. I love that the toes of her shoes are wet from the grass. I love the coolness of the color. We were in complete shade and I didn't take any measures to warm it up. It's one of my favorite photos of Lydia's Age 1 portfolio.

Then I took this one because I wanted to capture that curl. The one right there at the base of her head. It made her hair turn to the left side. My mom tells me she has the same trait. Again, I love the realness of it. And you can see we moved locations and the sun was peaking out around a cloud. Totally changed the feel of the photo.

Which do you like?

1 comment:

Malissa said...

I love the first one. The color is gorgeous. And, I love her looking downas if she's really impressed that she got up on that chair by herself and no one is telling her to sit or get down. Just sweet :)