Monday, November 2, 2009

LifeSavers: Please Pray for Mark's Mom

Hello again internet friends. Please pray for Mark's mom, Karen, today. And every day for the next six weeks!

She's having surgery on her knee again today and will continue to recover from infection for at least the next 6 weeks. Please pray specifically that the infection would be completely eradicated from her body. That her body would be restored to health. And that surgery and the recovery from surgery would be without incident.

Not every woman is blessed to have a Mother-in-Law who is supportive and unconditionally loving. So a brief word to those that are Mother-in-Laws who read this blog, be like Mark's mom. Know that your son's daughter doesn't need fashion advice, or tips on parenting, or career motivational discussions. She needs your love, your cheerleading, and your presence in the lives of her children. I didn't know that's what I needed until it was given to me. But, I'm so thankful for who she is in our family. One of the best parts of moving back to the Middle of Nowhere 2 years ago, has been her availability in our lives. She's quick to lend a hand when we're in crisis or offer babysitting for date nights. The past month, as we've been fighting illness in our family and she's been fighting infection in her knee, has felt very disjointed because we've haven't been around Grandma Karen.

Mom/Grandma, know that you're in our prayers today and we're gathering up as many prayers for you as we can. We love you and can't wait to see you back running errands and bringing lunch and cleaning out the toaster oven. Ok, just kidding on that last one. :)


Val said...

Praying for Karen, right now!!!

Kelly said...

I too have one of those amazing Mother-laws!!! I understand how you feel completely!
I will be praying for her and a quick recovery. God, send your mercy and grace to Grandma Karen right now. Let the doctors and everyone that comes near her feel your presents SO strong! Father do what you do.

Kretschmer Family said...

We will be praying for her as well. We have been blessed by her generous hospitality in the past and hope she has a rapid recovery.

cathy bowers said...

Dear Jesus I ask you right now to touch Karen Jesus you gave your life for us so that we would have life. We pray for compelete healing in her total body.In the name of Jesus infection has to go. Thank Jesus for healing in her knees.Gog you gave us the joy of being mother, mother-in-law and grandma's.We pray for the families also. We thank you for the good report we sre to receive.

Vicki said...


Jody said...

Thank you so much for your prayers! Lots of great reports coming out of the hospital. Today is her birthday, and hopefully she gets to come home!