Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food, Clothing, Shelter: Shelter First

My husband is not that into Birthday presents, Christmas presents, Mother's Day presents, Father's Day presents, Valentine's presents (are you sensing a theme here?). He's just not very interested in giving or receiving them. So after our first Christmas together, I made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I did not want a) cereal or b) appliances for gifts.

Those are things a person needs, but not things that a person should have to redeem as presents from those they love. It's truly amazing how his gift-giving has evolved and these days he often surprises me with gifts that a girl would actually want!

But, he's still not into receiving gifts. He doesn't know what he wants, he doesn't want to put people out, he doesn't need much celebrating or doodads to feel loved and appreciated. After our first Christmas together, he made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I could skip a) fancy clothes b) sentimental picture frames and c) cologne.

So my gift giving has evolved as well. Now I buy him things our family could use and present them to him on his birthday with a bow on top for the kids to pull off.

Exhibit A

Last year for his birthday Mark received a tent. :) This was our first chance to use it.

And really, even though you'll see a lot of RV's in the background of the next few posts, don't feel sorry for us. We were fine in our new tent. Just the 6 of us. Huddled under a grove of trees. During a a very windy thunderstorm. But that's for another post.

So here's the gang trying to put up a tent.

Without looking at the directions. Of course. Who needs 'em?!

Looks like Caleb's hoping someone is going to figure it out soon.

But Luke has discovered the pole job is definitely the funnest.

Here, Claire is trying to get the boys to help her, but not actually participate in putting the poles through the sleeve. The person who stands on the other end pulling the sleeve taught is definitely in an inferior position. Nobody wants that job.

Lydia ran circles around everybody trying to help with something. She'd pull on the wall, till someone shouted, "Lydia, no". Then she'd run around and mess with the zippers till someone shouted, "Lydia, no." Then she'd move on to trying to pull out a pole someone had just put in, until someone shouted ...well you get the picture.

Finally there was something Lydia could help with. Pulling the rain fly tight and putting in stakes. Now here's a job that' s right down at her level.

And I will stop the commentary here and just let you enjoy how that went.


Vicki said...

Lydia did a great job!!

mommy4 said...

oh how I miss camping! looks like lydia had a great time! beautiful spot you guys picked out.

Kelly said...

I gotta say that i love how everyone is participating putting the tent up and you are just taking pictures. haha
If it makes you feel better, Mark and I are a lot alike in the gift receiving category. I'm glad to see his gotten better in his giving though.