Saturday, September 19, 2009

Food, Clothing, Shelter: Food

One time, many many many moons ago we went camping with our good friends G&E. We lived in Illinois, they lived in Texas and we were going to meet half way between in Missouri for a fun weekend of camping. G and I were both 23 and had each already been married 4 years and had no children. And we're still married to those same guys now! I know! Pretty cool, huh? (That has nothing to do with the story, I just wanted to shock and amaze you.)

So G and I gabbed on the phone for hours about what we were going to do and what we were going to eat and how long it'd take for each of us to get there and what we were going to eat and who was bringing the bug spray and what we were going to eat.

Food, when camping, is a central element. Not unlike the nucleus in a cell. It holds everything together. Ok, that's all I know about chemistry, er, I mean biology. Anyway, we had glorious plans for food. We brought umpteen different pots and pans and spatulas and spices. Boy, did we eat grand. Breakfast went on for hours. Eggs, bacon, toast, jelly, yogurt, cheese, coffee, juice. For lunch it was like a smorgasbord of meats and cheeses, breads and chips, fruit, veggies with dip. And then would come dinner. We didn't eat hotdogs warmed up on a stick over a fire. Oh no, we had steaks from Mark's parent's farm, baked potatos, vegetables steamed to al dente. My mouth is watering.

But, here's the thing. The point. Way back then with all the acoutraments of fancy food, we still topped it all off with this.


Becasue, s'mores, my friends are one of the best parts of camping.

And now that I've been married 13 years, and have 4 exciting kids, we're pretty much warming hotdogs over a fire.

But get this, the kid's love it!

And lunch is like a granola bar and an apple. Perhaps a cheese stick thrown in for the dairy food group.

But back to the S'mores. Because this is serious stuff. Takes concentration and serious watching.

Because you don't want blackened marshmallows.

Unless of course you want blackened marshmallows. Evidently some people like 'em.

And then some people don't care if the marshmallows are cooked or not.

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