Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Must We Fiddle with Time?

Whoever thought of Daylight Savings Time did NOT have small children. Ugh. . . This year, I even started keeping Lydia up a little later each night the week before the change of time. And don't you know, now she goes to sleep an hour later, but still gets up an hour earlier!!! That makes for a cranky kind of kid.

And I keep wondering why my daughter is fussy at 4:30 each day. Oh, she's hungry! She used to eat dinner at that time. So why has it surprised me three days in a row?! You'd think this "experienced" mommy, would be a little quicker than that.

I just don't understand why somebody decided to fiddle with Time?! I know it gives us more useful hours of daylight during the year, but seriously!, can't we just work in the dark and let the little children sleep like they're accustomed to?

My other 3 kiddos are doing the change just fine, except Claire who wants to know, "Mommy, how come there's not a 'flood of light' on my bed when I make it anymore?" She was used to the light pattern on her quilt, and wonders where it went. I told her, she'd just have to make her bed an hour earlier if she wanted the 'flood of light'. Her reply, "Okay."

Who's daughter is she? She willingly just agreed to wake up and make her bed an hour earlier than usual. It's good to know some things are not a product of nurture or nature. Cuz this mama doesn't happily agree to wake up early for much less than a price kill sale at the Gap or company from out of town!

Here ends my little gripe session.


rodiemom said...

I totally agree; however, I do rather enjoy it when the children wake up an hour later in the spring. Isn't it funny how it was just the opposite which we enjoyed when we were kids?

Val said...

I am so right there with you. I miss the light in the evening and the sleep in the morning. My oldest woke up at 5 a.m. the first day. ACK!

Kelly said...

Surprisingly my girls adjusted wonderfully. The problem was not them but me. I'm so used to getting up at the same time that my eyes just had to open to see what time it was. Good thing they listened to my brain and closed quickly. Cute little girls!!

Jody said...

Gracious! Lydia is still waking up at 5:50!! Why?! Why?! Why?! It's not even that light outside!