Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blast from the Past: Mommy with Twins

So here's me and the boys last year. I was 8 months pregnant swollen all over and my standard double chin had morphed into almost a full triple chin. I remember b-a-r-e-ly being able to hoist my gestational self up onto that pumpkin wagon. I think I was out of breath in the picture.

The boys were a little closer to the toddler stage than the big kid stage. Their hair. Those curls. I love those curls, but I will admit their locks were a little on the long side for this photo.

This picture was taken almost a year to the day later.

Gone is my swollen-ness and gone are their curls! (Unfortunately, the double chin sometimes still rears it's face. Do chin's have faces? You know what I mean.) Some changes are good. Some changes are bad. But don't worry. Their hair will grow back. Now that the humidity from the IL summer is gone, their hair kinda went flat. So we cut it a little shorter. However, this particular picture doesn't really do the style much justice because we'd been walking all over at a festival for the previous 8 hours. And what happened to my chubby little pre-big kid/late toddler stage boys? They turned into skinny handsome boys!

But what I love about this picture is it actually has me with both of my twins at the same time! I believe there are only about 3 other pictures in my entire collection of photos encompassing 2 hard drives that actually have me with both of the boys whom I carried in my womb and who herniated my belly button. ( Probably you didn't need to know that. But it's just one of the facts of life.)

And here's proof that Luke actually knows how to smile.
I know you were concerned about that.


Kelly said...

Pictures with the mommy! I love pictures with the mommy. Mommies do so much but you hardly ever get to see their faces. You look great! Isn't it funny to take a moment a look back just one year. It really puts life into perspective. The boys are getting to be such little men. Looks like you now have three Marks running around. hehe

mommy4 said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet moment with your little oops, big boys. I think you always look amazing, pregnant or not!! ;)