Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Portrait Season

Portrait Season. You may not know there really are 5 Seasons. Portrait Season falls right after Halloween, transcends Thanksgiving, and ends about 1 week before Christmas.

Family Pictures. It's that time of year! I know you've already been anticipating and dreading your family picture for the annual Christmas card. Haven't you? It's the excitement that perhaps this year everyone will look cute at the same time and you'll end of with a fabulous portrait to hang over the mantle. And at the same time, you dread the preparation and the disappointment if everyone doesn't look cute at the same time and you have to choose which people get to look cute in the Christmas letter and which ones will have their eyes closed, or worse, a finger up their nose.

We recently had Round 1 of what I will call Family Picture 2008. In an hour we came up with about 4 that have potential. But somehow, I ended up liking the one above the best. It's not really at all what we set out to do. The lighting's a little funky. And the tree is a little on the dead/creepy side, but what it does do is capture everyone looking real. Except Lydia, who looks a like a deer caught in the headlights. (Like I said, ya gotta choose who's not gonna look their best. And this time, the person who couldn't verbally vote got the raw end of the deal.)

So I'll be thinking of you this season as you coordinate clothing and get fresh haircuts. As you look through proofs and choose who doesn't get to look cute. Don't fret, someone's got to take one for the team. Just say something like this is your best Mommy voice, "Maybe next year, Little Jimmy you'll smile when I tell you to."


Ginger said...

We still haven't had a single family photo since the adoption. I can't wait!

Kelly said...

What a great looking family. Everyone looks so great. Isabelle was looking at the picture with me and said she missed Claire. I think WE ALL miss you guys. Beautiful picture.