Sunday, November 23, 2008


People who've been blogging for a while, like to look at what 'keywords' direct people to their site. And not that I'm all obsessed with how many hits I get on this silly little site. I'm actually very surprised people even think about checking back in after I've taken month long, unplanned breaks.

It's just that anything with the word "Daily" is really hard for my personality type. Daily exercise. 8 glasses of water Daily. Daily Devotion (just being honest here) Daily Dishes. Daily laundry. Daily hygene (kidding. . . .sort of) But I do brush my teeth twice every day! Daily, schmaily! I like unplanned. I like hypothetical. I like not having to post a silly little thing if I don't have some silly little thing to post. Where was I going with this? . . .

Back to keywords. ANYWAY, so I did a little research into what brings people here to Robinson Moments blog. Got many of the typical results like:
robinson moments
jody robinson blog, jodi robinson blog

mark and jody illinois blog

Then things started to get funny. Here are some other phrases that brought people here:

women scrubbing floors
list of funny stupid questions people ask homeschoolers
how do you make a model of a swinging bridge for school

And the one phrase that really stumps me:

what to do when a mexican says empty your pockets

Why would that bring somebody HERE?!


Kelly said...

Wow! That is kind of strange. Once again i feel like we are kindred spirits. I think that's my homeschooling, parenting, bible studing, cleaning house issues. I'm a "Um, what are we going to do today" kind of girl. Planning and scheduling aren't my thing. Help if you can - I know you can!!!!

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

I MISS JODY!! There's gotta be something happening you can blog about!!! Come on, friend!! I'm going into Jody withdrawal!!! :)