Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Gotta Tell Me This Stuff

Apparently, for the last two posts a couple of my links haven't been working. But NO body said a word, or left a comment, or let this poor girl know her blogging skills have gone to pot.

I fixed it. Now if you click on Uncle BJ in the previous post, it'll take you to a great little story about Uncle BJ.

And if you click on house guests in the post before that, it'll take you to their site.

Come on. Help a girl out. Throw me a bone. I aim to please.


rodiemom said...

Sorry, Jody. I just took off the extra http when I clicked on Gretchen's site. Didn't even occur to me to tell you. I promise I will next time.

And did you mean 14,000? Because I got 12,000 on my first try.

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

I was trying to get up the nerve to confront you about this issue...but I left it alone and just prayed!! Ha!! :) Really, I just figured you had enough stuff do to, but now I'm realizing that this was my first failure as the President of your fan club. I dropped the ball, Jody! Can you ever forgive me??!! :)

Jody said...

rodiemom, that you for your promise to always make me look better. I appreciate it greatly.

Life on the RR, We all make mistakes. Even presidents. You are forgiven many times over.

Carel said...

OK, seriously, can I get a little credit? I was the bold friend who had the guts to confront you about your post, right?