Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Farmer Boy

I'm not really into labels for myself. I don't like to be labeled. Am I a pastor's wife? Was I a pastor's wife? Am I a photographer? Am I a Stay-at-Home or a Work-at-Home Mom? Am I a Christian? or a Believer? Are we a Homeschooling Family? Or just a family that is currently Homescholing? Gee, I can't figure myself out most of the time. I just like to be me. Why must someone label me? Why would they give me a name other than Jody?

HOWEVER, I LOVE PUTTING LABELS ON OTHER PEOPLE! I know. It's very hypocritical. It's not fair. But I love nicknames, and funny names, and names that tell stories and just names in general. (Did you know each of my twins has 4 names on their birth certificate? If you can name them and you are not a member of their family, you get 3 Gold Stars)

That was all just the introduction to this post about Farmer Boy. At least he is right now. He has all sorts of other talents not limited to pastoring, business and fatherhood. But for today he is Farmer Boy.

Look over here, so the people can see you, Farmer Boy!

"What? I couldn't hear you."

I said, . . . oh, never mind, now I can see you better.

It's takes a real kinda man to wear this outfit. A man who is so secure inside and out that he chooses to wear two hats at once just to stay warm. However, neither of them cover his ears. Hmmm . . .
And he doesn't need a coat. No. Coats are for sissies, not Farmer Boys. And if he wore a coat, it might cover up his camo overalls. And if one is going to the extreme of purchasing camo overalls, you better let people see them. (For those of you who live in towns bigger than 40, 000 outside of the Midwest, you need to understand that around these parts, camo is the new black. I'm serious.)

He sure does make a handsome, albeit, fashion-deficient Farmer Boy.

These photos were not taken today. Today it is snowing. Lots of snow. Very wet, fast falling snow. That pile of leaves they raked lookes like an igloo.

And because I'm opening myself up to correction of every form in my pursuit of holiness, if you have a nickname for me you can leave it in the comments. It's "Label the One You Love Week" here at Robinson Moments.


Vicki said...

Oh let me see.

Just Jody
Jolly Jody
Jungle Jody(well I think that is what Mark called you once)
Jubliant Jody for all the laughter
Justice Jody for all the correction you have given me over the years!! I love it btw.
Juggling Jody for all the hats you wear. Good one huh since you LOVE hats!!!

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Jody. I just cannot label you, I'm trying here..I'm not nearly as brilliant as my friend about "I love Jody, Jody". :)
This post is great! I'm loving those camo overalls! And of course he can't cover his ears..he needs to be able to hear the call of his lovely wife! I outright laughed several times... Thanks my friend! I needed a good dose of some "merry heart medicine".

Kelly said...

I thought you said you were living in a small town?! This looks like "high fashion" to me!!! Oh how we miss Mark!! :-)
Can't think of any nicknames. I'm trying though!

Edward & Gretchen said...

"Fun & faithful friend" It doesn't go with the J in Jody but it is the most perfect fitting name for you my friend.
Forgive me if I got these mixed up, but I am hoping for 3 gold stars.
Luke Joseph William Robinson
Caleb John Wesley Robinson
Let me know if I won.

Kelly said...

Gretchen doesn't count in this little "name all your kids 15 names" game. :) You know what I just figured out the other day.... Your kids first names all C - L - C - L!!!!!! I'm sure you did that on purpose and I'm sure everyone already figured that out BUT I just wanted you to know I knew it too. :)

Kelly said...

Sorry Gretchen - TOO close of a friend to play! :)

Jody said...

Gretchen, You are the winner of 3 Gold stars! Very good, my friend! Congrats! Don't spend them all in one place!

Kelly, We didn't set out to name them that way it just sort of happened. Now we have to figure out if we continue the pattern when God gives us more babies. . . the verdict's still out.

Kelly said...

Courtney, Liam, Christian, Lucia, Cole, Lilly, Christopher, Levi, Cole..... I could go on...
See you have at least 9 more babies in your future!!! Happy baby making!

Edward and Gretchen said...

Sorry Kelly. Rules are rules and any friend can play. I got 3 gold stars, so there!