Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today I was scavenging in my fridge for lunch when I came across a container with leftover roast beef in it. Hmmm . . . How old was it?

That's always the question, isn't it? I know it wasn't from yesterday, we had Nachos Supreme-Mommy Style. But it seems like the day before yesterday and all the days before that are getting squished up in my mind.

So I carefully looked it over. I smelled it. I looked around the kitchen just to see if anyone else around could help me figure this out. But of course, nobody else could help. But I did see Lydia was finished thoroughly emptying a drawer once filled with child-sized plastic cups and plates. She's very consistent about making sure that drawer gets cleaned out and all the dishes washed again. Thanks, Baby.

Then I saw it. The answer to my first question. The crock from my crock pot was still sitting in the left side of my kitchen sink! The meat can't be too old, if the dirty dish is still hanging around! Honestly, I do make sure both sides of my kitchen sink are totally emptied and scrubbed at least every few days. A woman's got to have some level of self-respect.

Kids! We're having roast beef sandwiches for lunch!

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