Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Child Labor

This, my dear friends, is our bathroom . . .

That's what it looks like. I didn't clean it before I took the pictures. Betcha couldn't tell! :)

The bathroom is very narrow because it was sort of an afterthought and some previous owner, let's call him Mr. Modernization, had to kind of squish it in there. Back when the New Old House was built, they didn't build 'em with bathrooms. Nope. Gotta use that chamber pot or get your _____ cold if you need to go in the middle of the night in Illinois.

So Mr. Modernization built a bathroom. A very small bathroom with very little storage. Mr. Modernization didn't even put in a counter. Now, the pedastol sink does sort of fit with the era of the New Old House, but seriously? Where do I put my curling iron? Mr. Modernization was not thinking of me. And perhaps Mrs. Modernization didn't use a curling iron.

There is this one cabinet.
But it's a very dark, dank smelly kind of cabinet that I just could not force myself to put towels into. So the towels have been living on the hallway floor. There, they've collected plaster dust and cobwebs. After the 2nd time of stepping out of the shower and wiping my face with plaster dust, I finally decided to do something about the ugly, nasty cabinet.

Enter . . . . Child Labor!Hello, gracious Child laborer! Thank you for your help!

Kids LOVE to paint!

And I did have to crawl in there and touch up all the edges, but my firstborn daughter did a pretty good job!

When I tried to fold myself into the cabinet like she's doing, I got stuck. Seriously stuck with a paint roller in my hand. Go ahead and take a moment to let that visual sink in . . . . And I had paint in my hair for a week after I finally got out!

But our sole storage option is no longer dark and dank. Instead it's pretty white. White, white, white! It really is surprising how a coat of paint makes a think so much better. Now our towels have a home and I no longer make my self dusty when toweling dry. If only I didn't have to balance my curling iron on the soap dish . . .

And . . .I'm happy to say all that "stuff" on the bathroom floor is now put in it's new home, too. Except for the bath toys. Still working on a storage solution for those!

And . . .the fact that I posted pictures of our very messy, unclean bathroom is helping me with my little vanity problem. :)


Kelly said...

I love you! I love that you are open when most people would not be and I love the way you make a "I'm losing my mind" situation into a funny lite hearted blog! I love ya girl!

Jody said...

Kelly, I'm glad you appreciate raw, honest truth. :) It def helps to photograph the yucky stuff!