Friday, September 19, 2008

Blast from the Past: Balloon Festival

Two years ago we had so much fun going to the Plano, TX balloon festival. Here's our little family photo from then.

How things have changed:

  • Mark has a beard!
  • I was much thinner then. (Let's pretend I'm just hangin onto a little baby fat left over from Lydia. But we're sure it'll go away after she turns one!)
  • The twins don't look like those cute, chubby toddlers anymore. Now they're thin boys. Real boys, not babies.
  • Claire probably most resembles herself. Still happy, still full of smiles. Still loves to be with her mommy. (I love it, too!)

Here are some sort of mediocre, boring pictures from our day which do not give justice to the really fun time we had:

But this photo is not mediocre or boring. I actually had it enlarged to a 24x12 to hang on my office wall.

This was sunset at the festival. As I turned to get a picture of the sun shining through the clouds, I realized that those aren't trees in the bottom of the frame! Those are photographers! I think it's such a cool picture/commentary on American traditions/brilliant composition.

So if you live in North Texas, grab you camera and go take some cool photos with the other 2437 photographers who will be at the festival this weekend! Here's the official website so you can get more details. Enjoy yourselves, eat a corn dog and remember the Robinsons!


Karen said...

Oh, I'll miss not going with the Robinsons this year !!!

Kelly said...

I too wish you guys were here to go with us. I'm going to try to go. Missed tonight, maybe tomorrow!

shipra said...

I've always wanted to make it to this festival but never did. Looks like a great time. Spectacular sunset!