Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lifesavers: Troubled Teeth and No Computer

We're moving in! That is an ongoing verb. We started last Wed, still doing it now. No computer at the New Old House, so that's part of the reason for no new posting for so long. The other part of the reason, is I'm crazy-occupied with living right now!

Here's the rundown on the New Old House:

Some rooms painted, some not. Some bathrooms working, some without doors. Some light fixtures with dimmers, some light bulbs hanging from wires in the middle of the ceiling.

Some boxes unpacked, many many many boxes not packed. Some beds put up, some mattresses on the floor.

Some clothes hanging in closets, some clothes 15 miles away at my mom's (especially the ones appropriate to wear to church this morning when Mark was preaching. That was tricky, esp finding shoes without paint droppings on them).

Some dishes in the cupboards, lots of paper plates in the trash. One room with a clean, scrubbed wood floor, all the rest dirty and dusty. Some laundry done, everything else very dirty. Some children happy to see the toys that have been in storage for 9 months, some children bored with nothing to do.

AND, I'm getting my wisdom teeth, all 4 of them, pulled in the morning. Please pray for me and my family.

The happenings of the last week have provided enough blog fodder for weeks and weeks to come. All sorts of wild, make you want to cry and laugh at the same time happenings with the Robinsons. After we're moved in and I can crawl out of my bed from the teeth thing, I'll tell you all about it.


Amy said...

hey- I'm Becca's friend Amy, and I've been enjoying your blog since she referenced one of your funny stories to me a few months back... hope that's okay and not creepy...

We have a lot in common, from twins, to a pastor husband, to a new-old house. You guys have done way more than us, but this last post struck so close to home. We've been in 2 weeks (although one of those we were in PA) and I'm still feeling mostly overwhelmed! Its just so many of those little things, plus the big things, especially plus 4 kids, that add up. Hang in there! Your house is beautiful! and you do a fabulous job on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are doing ok with your teeth (or lack thereof). Wisdom removal brings back emories...of when my wife tried to kill me with pudding :)

The Michaels said...

I'm starting to worry about you! I hope you're doing well and staying busy...and not down and out with the whole wisdom tooth thing!

Jody said...

Sorry, I couldn't respond earlier to your comments!

Amy, welcome aboard! I'm glad you stopped by and I hope we can meet in real life real soon!

D & E, sorry we couldn't work out a visit, hopefully next time!

the michaels, thanks for thinking of me. I hope I'm back now!