Saturday, July 19, 2008

Did Ya Miss Me?

Who knew?! Who knew I'd take a month long sabbatical from blogging?! I sure didn't! I didn't plan on it but there's still no internet at the New Old House. I'm just a pawn! Don't blame me! Okay, there's really no one else to blame, so go ahead and throw all those virtual tomatoes my way. I can take it.

I'm pretty sure all the good ol' once-daily readers of my blog have moved on to much more fulfilling sites where bloggers don't drop off the face of the internet for months at a time. I don't blame them. Bless you for once laughing at the life I live. So now I'm searching for a whole new audience. Truthfully, I'm not. This little blog, while entertaining and informative to some, is simply the very personal release of all the words that I don't get to say during the day but am thinking at a very rapid pace. It's sort of like that movie Stranger than Fiction, except I narrate my day to myself in my own mind to make myself laugh.

Have you ever heard of biting off more than you can chew? What that old adage neglects to expand upon is that when you bite off more than you can chew you have to do one of three things: a) choke to death b) spit it out or c) keep chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing.

Now, because choking to death on drywall dust is such a slow, painful death and also because if I spit out any of the zillion projects to do on the house, I'd just have to clean up the mess afterwards, by default I'm chewing. Chewing and chewing and chewing. Gnawing at the hard stuff and gnashing my teeth at the gross stuff and chewing and chewing and chewing the rest in tediously small, barely noticeable bites.

I'm just beginning to adjust my attitude to one that's pleasant enough for another human to be able to tolerate. It's been a hard, tough, dirty month. And I don't really like it when bloggers just tell you the good stuff or when they say things like, "Well, I used to be having this really big ugly problem, but I didn't tell anyone about it and now I'm fine again." It just seems so fake-ish to not share the hard when it's hard and the happy when it's happy. But then again, who really wants to read a bunch of whining? So I'm torn between not wanting to whine all over the internet, but wanting to not seem fake. We've all got troubles. Trust me, the past month has not been very happy. I failed the test of rejoicing in the Lord and being content in all circumstances. And if I would've had access to the internet, you would have heard all about it. I truly believe part of God's design for this time of my life was to isolate me completely from things (internet) that would pacify me and instead make me face the challenges and not cover them up with cute little writings on a blog.

So there you have it folks, the real life of me. Not very pretty. Not very funny. Just regular life. Thankfully, there is truth in the Bible. And as I can personally attest, if you actually read it, it will change your life. It's changing mine.

And the little holes in my mouth where my wisdom teeth used to be are healing fine. Thanks for asking!

And for the pictures you've been patiently waiting for of our finished house . . . you'll have to keep waiting. :) But here are the ones I took the week we moved in.

This is the boy's room:

Thanks to my mom, and aunt and sister-in-law this room actually was "mudded", sanded and painted before we moved in. This picture was taken 2 days before move in.

Here's Lydia's room on move in day:

Mark and I decided that we really wanted Lydia's room done first because she's the one that sleeps the most and so it would be hard for us to work in there. Sometimes things don't work out like you plan. Her room looked exactly like this the first night except we also squeezed a crib in there. Some of the boxes,but not all, remain there to this day. The floor, walls etc . . . still are a work in progress.

Here's a picture of one of the stairways leading down from third floor on move in day:

It looks exactly like that today. Including the ever-hazardous hole in the floor at the top of the stairs. Watch your step on the way to the playroom, kids!

And this is one of my favorites. The third floor bathroom on move in day:

Yes, folks, the toilet is still in the tub today. And because of all the light coming from that window, you can't really see the gross, nasty dirty sink. It's still gross, nasty, and dirty. And the faucet leaks.

So those are pictures of things you can see are undone. Hopefully next week, we'll have internet and I can give you some more recent photos of the things my ever-diligent, always faithful, exceedingly handsome husband has accomplished for our family. The done stuff is pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

I'll try not to take so long to blog again!


Ginger said...

I've missed you! Glad you're in your home now. Can I call you the MacMillers for awhile??? LOL!

Kelly said...

I can't handle the once a month blog any more. Please come back Pleeeeeeease!!!!
Looks like you are making lots of progress on the house! Keep up the FAITH!