Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Start of the Finishing

I can't bring myself to show you pictures of our New Old House. Everything is getting close to the start of finishing, but nothing is finished. And instead of showing you the progress pictures, I'm holding out to show you the finished product. Suffice it so say somebody living in this house has been working on the New Old House almost every waking moment of the day. Usually my mom and I swap watching the kiddos and the other one goes to work. And Aunt J was a BIG help with Lydia this week. Mark is pretty much there all the time except for when he's working on the farm. Mark's Dad has been an absolute Hero! Wow! You sure do know a lot, Dad! Thank you!!!! I honestly, cannot imagine where we'd be on this whole project without you. Words cannot express our gratitude!

So instead of posting a picture, I'll paint you a picture with words: :)

The Progress:
  • ALL pipes replaced
  • NEW electricity stuff (I don't really understand all that had to be done, but it was a lot)
  • New Bathroom on the first floor with WORKING plumbing
  • Kitchen walls, floor, cabinets, appliances IN!
  • Living Room PAINTED
  • Lydia's Room PAINTED
  • Dining Room ALMOST Painted
  • Claire's Room ALMOST Painted
  • 2 Rooms of hardwood floors WASHED
  • Lawn MOWED
The Work to do:
  • FINISH the Repairing (mudding, sanding) walls
  • Kitchen Counter tops
  • Dining Room Floor
  • 1,000 other things that would bring you to tears if I listed them all
Sorry, I've been so blog delinquent. I really miss you guys. One of these days I'll be able to do it daily. But right now, my creative energy is being diverted.

Till next time!


mommy4 said...

Yeah!! Can't wait to see the final product of your hard labor!

Ginger said...

I miss our remodeling days. . .

Well, maybe not so much actually. :D