Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She lost her 1st Tooth!

Claire lost her first tooth! She's a month and half from her 7th birthday and is just now loosing her first tooth. What I think is exceedingly interesting is that her tooth became loose in the same month that her first tooth came in.
Now, people have different reactions to teeth. Some get very queasy in the stomach when they see wigglin' teeth - like ME. It took all of my intestinal fortitude to be encouraging to Claire when she'd show me the latest progress in wiggling the tooth out. EVERYthing in me wanted to turn my head and gag, but most of the time I swallowed that growing knot in my throat and said, 'Cool, Claire! I bet it'll be out any day now.' (Okay, honestly, I did try to look busy doing something else, so I could kind of say it over my shoulder. But only a couple times! A few times I even looked right at her while she rolled it around with her tongue. Makes me cringe just thinking about it!)

Now, if all of my scrapbooks and personal photos were not in a storage shed 20 miles from me and hundreds of miles from real civilization, I could show you a picture of her first tooth coming in and this one falling out. It's a real cool idea that my very best friend chronicled in one of her scrapbooks and I always wanted to do when my girl lost her tooth.

Maybe I'll try that when Lydia's first tooth falls out. I can't do it with the twins because I don't have pictures of their first teeth. I was too busy with my 3 year old and my twin babies to think about taking pictures. So I hope that makes all you other mothers feel better in case you ever forgot to take pictures of semi-important, though very normal events that happen to every person on the planet.


Ginger said...

Too funny! I didn't know people got queasy from teeth. You've enlightened me! :D
We're losing so many teeth around here, I'm losing count!

The Clark Kids said...

dear claire,
i miss you. i am proued of you that you lost a tooth i love you i love to see you some day but your too far.
i love you and miss you a lot.



Kelly said...

Teeth I can handle - dead turkeys not so much! Call me crazy!
Very exciting stuff! Belle has a loose tooth too but she's a little nervous about it coming out! Showing her Claire's picture will help! Thanks

Edward and Gretchen said...

I remember when you you lost your first tooth. You called me if you remember. Well I do. Well I was so happy for you. Bye