Thursday, May 8, 2008

Adventures with Uncle B!

We took a little adventure with Brother B the other day. Yes, the same Brother B who is now famous (or perhaps infamous) because of the whole turkey-slaughter thing. Brother B is actually quickly becoming favorite Uncle B. So maybe we'll start to call him that until one of the other uncles (they've got 6 within 1 hour from here) seriously indulges and entertains my 4 kiddos for hours at a time. (Let the competition begin!)

Our adventure was very fun! We got fed, got dirty, got slimy, and got ice cream all within 4 hours. But I can't tell you anymore about it until I narrow down the 141 pictures we took to some kind of reasonable number to post. I'm thinking like 15 or so.

But this is a picture I took during our adventure that had nothing to do with our adventure.

In fact, no one else even saw this view. And when we got home and I was showing Mark the picture, he said, 'Where was that?'. He walked by it twice, but when one's mind is so engaged in the excitement of being with Uncle B, one cannot focus on the peripheral scenery. Unless one just happens to be more devoted to one's camera than to one's child who almost fell into the lake while she was busy taking pictures and feeding the baby at the same time.

So I'm gonna work on widdlin' down the photos for the next post about Adventures with Uncle B.

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