Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back to the Baby

I know, I know, I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have posted bloody, dead animal pictures on my blog. All people who knew me from TX have emailed and expressed their horror at the woman I've become. But actually, I was definitely the girl who grew up with bloody animals in her backyard long before I was the woman who made weekly trips to babyGap looking for bargains. That is the reality. But to calm the stomachs of all my city-folk campadres, lets go back to pictures of the baby.

Here's our Pretty Pretty with late afternoon sun radiating off her face.

I just love her wide-eyed expression in this one. I think she's wondering how a person can hold a camera to their eye for 15 min without coming up for air. She's wondering what happened to her Mommy's face. Has it grown a large black appendage that keeps going click, click-click, click-click-click?

She's loves her fingers. Doesn't really suck on them, just chews on them. Chews on everything. No teeth, just lots of chewing.

This picture is going on the wall of Lydia's room in our new Old House in a collection of Lydia in black and white. With white frames. Hung from the picture rail. Above the bead board, on a canvas of Diminutive Pink wall. Unfortunately, this is what that rooms looks like now. . .

Nobody can say I lack for vision!

That's my FABULOUS sister-in-law steaming the final layer of wallpaper off of Lydia's room. You could never imagine how wonderful it is to have someone who enjoys helping steam wallpaper. Most people cringe, duck their head, and quietly exit the room as soon as you mention the words 'take down wallpaper'. But not this girl! She helped sooo much and sooo often and even stayed and did it alone when I was needed to tend to the children.

If you don't have a sister-in-law like this, you are missing one of the true joys in life. If you have a brother, start praying he marries someone like this. Or pray that your husband's brother marries someone like this. Or if you don't have any more unmarried brothers, pray that your son marries someone like this so at least your daughter can have a sister-in-law like this. I'm serious.

And a final photo for you to save as the wallpaper on your desktop. (See, I had to throw in the word wallpaper one more time!)
Too adorable to leave out despite the 19-something old car in the background. Just look past that and feast your eyes on those little bubbles glistening in the sun.


Ginger said...

I would never have noticed the car had you not pointed it out. I was too busy looking at the pretty baby! Funny how she looks nothing like your other three did as babes. She's a chunk! Maybe that's why! :)

Kelly said...

Really? Are you trying to make me jealous that I don't have you down the street to come take my kiddos pictures! They are so good!!!
I love to see your vision for the house! Can't wait to see it come to pass!!!!