Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blast from the Past: Fire Ants

Anybody remember this?

Two years ago this week, my then-two year old, Luke, was attacked by fire ants at the park next to our house in Texas. His leg from ankle to knee was COVERED in them when I picked him up and ran into the splash pad to wash them off with water. When we got to the ER he was swollen everywhere but his face and a bright red rash covered his whole body. Yikes! What a scare! He had 67 bites on one leg.

Thankfully he did not have a respiratory reaction to the bites, thus his airway was never blocked and the Dr. told us it probably means he'll never have a respiratory reaction. Just lots of benedryl and Ib for the pain.

Anyway, I found these pics in the archives of my photo folders from two years ago. And they brought a flood of memories and thoughts.

One, was how I really felt like a mother when I was bandaging my little boy's owies. I remember having the thought that this is something he's going to remember for the rest of his life. And I'm glad I'll be in that memory as the tender loving hands who wrapped and prayed for his leg . . .

And two, was look how thin I was! This may not look thin to some of you. But trust me, if you saw me now you would say that was thin.

(I'm tellin' ya vanity is my sin of snare and concern! Which is so funny because you wouldn't know that by looking at me 5 out of 7 days a week, when I don't fix my hair, or put on makeup or get out my pajamas until 11:00. But deep down, somewhere inside, I do care how I look) This photo was taken after 10 months of working out and losing 16 pounds! I'm now inspired to return to that shadow of what I look like today. If only my dear South African friend, Karen, was here to be my work out buddy! Oh! What fun we had at the gym! Thanks, girl!

No. I'm not posting before and after photos. Just look at this picture as the waaaaay before and someday I'll post a picture of the waaaaay after.

Okay, now stop looking at me and look at that sweet, sweet smile from my diaper-clad boy.
The photo was really supposed to be all about him. I'm sure when Mark snapped the picture he was never intending for me to use it to tell the world how much weight I've gained after my fourth baby.

*** This is your last chance to enter my contest to win a Gap gift card! The competition is close and I'm sure the 4 people who've entered are really hoping no one else leaves a response because 1 in 4 are pretty good odds. Winner to be announced sometime tonight. No, I don't know what time. It depends on when I get back to the computer again. Definitely after 5, probably after 8. Usually before 11:00.


Kelly said...

Oh I remember this day SO well!!
I remember looking for Luke and not being able to spot him for what seemed like forever but really was only 45 seconds at most. I remember you running to the water and us trying to help get the ants off of his little body. I remember rushing to throw everyone and their stuff into the cars so you could leave. Most of all I remember what a miracle it was when I heard that he was going to be ok. Good times!

Kelly said...

OKay, now to comment on the skinny picture.
I saw your picture catching the fish and WOW I can really see the big difference ( I hope you know I'm saying that with my most sarcastic voice)
What???? You look great! I'll show you a real weight disaster if you really need to see one! And I only have three kids!

mommy4 said...

WOW!! How scary! You know God probably looks at us and thinks...geez these people. Thank God for his mercy on us and our precious children. This also happened to my Ella Claire not as bad but I remember that feeling. TERRIBLE!! We too took her to the hospital. NUTS!!

OK so I was at Gretchens and she showed me your blog. I'm so happy to see you and your children. I've been reading almost all day. I'm addicted.

I have something for you. I'll try to get your address to send it to you.

Mark & Jody said...

mommy4, Welcome aboard! I know who you are and am so honored you, too, want to peak at our humble little lives! I have another friend who said she's a "Jody Junkie". So if you like reading about normal life in the Midwest and what's it's like to be a redneck, read on! Glad to have you join the club!

Mark & Jody said...

Thanks Kelly, for helping so much that day. And Karen, and Kendra and I think Karis, too. I don't even remember who took my other kids home! Must have been one of you wonderful friends!