Sunday, May 18, 2008

"The times . . they are a changin'"

Wadduya think? Got me a new look 'round here. Why? Well, if you must know it's because I'm a Sanguine Choleric or a Choleric Sanguine. And one of the begetting sins of people with my personality type is pride. I've said it before, I'll say it again. It's not a secret if you know anybody who's like me.

But pride comes across in vast ways. One of my ways (because I do feel somehow liberated to spread all the little secrets of my life) is vanity. Vanity, vanity it's all vanity. Now, this does not mean I spend hours getting ready in the morning, or put on makeup every day or am afraid to have my picture taken when I look awful. On the contrary, sometimes people who are vain like to have their pictures taken and like to look in the mirror and like to think they're doing okay in the looks department. This may or may not be true. It's just all in the mind.

So how does my vanity affect my blog? I don't look good in beige. I can't wear khaki or tan or light brown, or off-white. No oatmeal or neutral, light earth tones. I've got this olive-y skin and I just can't do it. It makes my skin look totally wiped out and when I wear that color, I looked wiped out and people ask me if I'm sick. Or if I'm tired. Or if I need to go lie down. Or say, "That poor girl just doesn't know how to pick colors that work with her skin tone. Poor thing."

AND, my children have also inherited this skin coloring from me. So my last blog color was not working for me because I never liked how our skin looked with the background. Honestly, every time I posted a picture with skin I thought, "I wish that had a white background." But I really liked the brown and the other aspects of the template. So I stuck with it while I shopped around for a new template.

There. That's the truth. Call me shallow. Call me unspiritual. Call me whatever you wish, but please don't call me washed out!

And in honor of this great occasion, I'm giving away a prize! In the comments section, post what color you cannot wear. The color that makes people think you look sick, or need to lie down. The color that you keep trying to wear because it's so en vogue, but cannot because you think too highly of yourself to fall to the fickle whims of the fashion industry.

The prize? A $25 gift card to my favorite store (besides Goodwill and Ross)--the GAP. So you've got all week to leave comments. The winner will be selected at random on Friday!


Ginger said...

I can't wear hot pink. Bleh! Looks awful on me. Yellow is pretty bad too.
My closet is made up of very few colors, all which look good on me (lol): blues, purples, and greens. :D

Kelly said...

I was so shocked to see a new background! See, I stick with what I know until someone changes it for me or holds me down and makes me change! I'm much better than I used to be. Anyway, I got to say I love the change! You all stand out so much more now! Back to the Q and A,
I don't think I look good in yellow or bright green. I love black (it's slimming you know) and blue. I try to wear red but I don't know if I pull that off either. So there you go!

Mark & Jody said...

Wow. This is going to be a close contest. :) Guess its just you guys and me who can't wear certain colors. The rest of the world is free to dive into any color of the rainbow! Thanks for playing!

Karen said...

Well...remember me ?? I'm not sure anymore...seeing as my clothes shopping parter and color advice person upped and moved to a different state !!!! ;)heehee

Miss Bowers said...

Hey My Loving Family, Miss you all so much. I love reading the Robinson Moments, Ya'll (ha ha)look so happy there. Oh yes, color was the subject, I can't wear purples I really look ill.Everyone for some reason likes blues on me. I don't know if I look good, but they say that blue matches my eyes. Just this pass Sunday Jody, I wore makeup and fix my hair(you know me and makeup I almost never wear)So many people stop to tell me how nice I looked. Even the Pastor told me I was beautiful. I told Melissa that I know how to get Pastor to talk to me now.(Ha Ha). Love You and kiss all the babies for me.

Mark & Jody said...

miss bowers!
I'm so thrilled you're reading about us! Wish I could've seen you all dolled up on Sunday. But no matter what you looked like then, you were never more beautiful than the days you came and took care of my babies! Miss you much! Haven't found anyone here who compares with you!