Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My New Best Friends

Well, I know you've been anxiously waiting for a Robinson Blog Post, and I'm sorry we've been so delinquent. We arrived home from our PERFECT vacation to Florida, to be suddenly struck with a terrible, nasty flu virus. Thus I'd like to introduce you to my four new best friends. . . Lysol, Non-Asprin fever reducer, Ibuprofen fever reducer, and Infrared Temporal Thermometer.

I did have two other friends. But their names were also Non-aspirin fever reducer and Ibuprofen fever reducer. And when they ran dry, I ditched them as friends. Or at least I ditched them into the trash. (Seriously?! Who goes through 2 bottles of meds in a day?!?)

Now for those of you out there who don't believe in giving medicine for fever, you've NEVER seen fever like this. We're talking over 105!! With all the 3 bigger kids at the same time!!

A little vomit, a lot of coughing and really high fevers have been our entire lives day and night for 5 days. Today, no one's fever has yet to go over 102, so I showered, and put on lip gloss just for fun. Claire asked, "Can I go to the store with you?" I said I wasn't going to the store. She just gave me a crazy, "Don't you only shower when you're going to leave the house?" look. And I gave her a "I can shower daily if I want to" look.

Okay, back to my new friends. The last one I've really gotten close to. She'll be a family friend for a long time -- Infrared Temporal Thermometer. She takes a temperature in .04 seconds by touching the forehead and sliding to the temple. Where has she been all my motherhood?!? You've got to get you one of these. I've used her around the clock 3 times every 2 hours to check fevers since Sat. I even set my alarm to check fevers in the night. (I don't even set my alarm in the night to feed my newborn babies. You know I must have been freaked out.)

The good news, I think we're getting better. Like I said, no fever over 102 today. But I'm still categorizing this as a LifeSavers blog. Pray for us and the rest of the family we live with that we get and stay healthy. I am thanking God hourly that Lydia has not gotten sick. She has been a dream baby in the midst of all this. (Thank you, BabyWise!!!)

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