Thursday, March 6, 2008

At your (silent) request

The response for more photos of flowers has been down right deafening. . . . Even though ya'll are too shy to leave comments, I feel those unsent emails you send me begging for more photos of super-close-up flora.

This one I call Intricate. Isn't she lovely? The first person to guess what type of flower this is and leave the answer in the comment section will win a prize!! Yes, a real prize!!! However, the person who has this sitting on their porch and who watched me take pictures of it is excluded . . .you know who you are :)

I know it's kind of a shallow way to get people to leave comments, but I'm doing it anyway. :)

And I truly enjoy looking at this photo. I love it's beauty amidst dark setting. I can't have a contest for this one, because I don't actually know what kind of flower it is. So you can let me know in your comments, but you'll have to show accurate, scientific proof to get a prize.

Have fun!

1 comment:

Annemarie said...

Is it a geranium? If not, I think I'm out of answers, sorry.