Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tea Party

One of the bonuses of being in transition and living with our parents has been all the time the kids get to spend with their grandparents.

My grandmother, Claire, who is 100 lives here in the Rodeffer house and my kids have really gotten close to her. Several days a week she enjoys making them poached eggs on toast for breakfast. And she loves to tell stories. The kiddos will crawl up on her chair and she'll tell stories about whatever they wish.

When I was young, my grandmother indulged my girly-ness many times by having tea with me. This past week, Claire invited her to a tea party, too!

Claire, Grandmother and Sally having Tea!
Claire's had a lot of cream in it!

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Edward and Gretchen said...

Clare you and your grandma and sally look pretty good. wow you have a lot of cream but I don't blame you because I put a lot of it in to. I do a lot of tea partys to I just love to do tea parts maybe when I go to your house again we can do one. cant wait. love Sophie.