Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, we finally have a contract on a house for our family!
It's a 100 year old Victorian with wrap around porch, lots of woodwork and 6 bedrooms within 3 floors. (2 bedrooms are on the third floor which we will probably turn into family room and playroom). A HUGE oak tree is in the backyard with swing already attached.

Here are a few pictures. We still have the inspection and things to do, but have a tentative closing date of Feb 15. Praise God!!!

For those of you wondering, we'll definitely be changing the wallpaper around the stairs. :)


AKA said...

Congrats - especially on all your woodwork!

Ginger said...

Beautiful! Congrats.

Karen said...

Yah, congratulations. I was wondering how all that was going !!

david said...

Are you sure you want to change that wallpaper? :)

Seriously, awesome house...Ellen just told me you guys moved back up there - I know, we should talk more often :)