Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Would You?

I would soooooooo have done this!


Kelly said...

Kings Island is near my hometown in Ohio! We used to go there all the time! Funny!
And Yes, I would do it. I love a flash mob!

Vicki said...

Ok it has taken me forever to write a comment...but I am determined!! I AM WEEPING. Why? Because I am so jealous. What a beautiful song. I have never heard it and YES I would have totally done that:)

Kelly said...

Vicki, You've never heard of Justin Biebers song Baby Baby Baby?
He's a young teenage boy that is really big right now. They changed some of the words for this event.
Pretty cute!

Ginger said...

I hadn't heard of the song before either. My mom told me who Justin Beiber was 6 months ago. LOL!

The words struck me: Baby, I know you'll always be mine. That is so the way the world views children: something for themselves. It's all about me, me, me. Why I want to have a kid. How it's going to make me happy.

How neat though to see pregnancy celebrated. Children are a blessing and a reward. We're going to be rewarded again in 7 months. Praise the Lord!

Jody said...

I asked my kids, if they could see me doing this...."oh yeah!" was the response.

But, because I don't have 30 other preggo moms to dance with, I just did my own flash dance in the kitchen with the kids singing along.

Kelly, I knew it was the good ol' midwestern girls who'd know how to have a great time dancing with big bellies!

Ginger! So happy for you! That's fabulous news!!!

KarenD said...

I wish someone had thought of a flash mob when I was pregnant. My whole rehab department was pregnant at the same time. We SO could have done this!

Jen R said...

Jody - This would TOTALLY be up your alley! :) I would dance with you too! (no, I'm not pregnant, I mean that I could be talked into participating in a flash mob!)