Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Do You Pronounce Diorama?

 Is it with a short 'a' sound in the 3rd syllable? Or a short 'o' sound? The pronunciation guide I looked up online said 'o', but I'm the only one in these parts that I've heard use that. Seems like everyone else is using the 'a'. So much so, that folks seem to not know what I've talking about when I mention my kids came up with dioramas (of their own volition) one day and impressed the socks off of me. I LOVE this kind of learning.

Claire's Diorama and Oral Report:

Camp Out

 "I used a large piece of bark for the bottom log of the fire. Then wrapped cotton around a small stick to be a marshmallow."

"An old piece of cardboard bent into shape and held it up with a stick without much glue. I was quite surprised how it was able to stand up without much help.I got little pieces of gravel from the driveway and used them as stones. As you can see, the sticks holding up the tent are on a big piece of bark which is the floor of the tent."

 "Another piece of bark gathered with a few pine needles were stuck onto the back of the box which represents a tree. And a strand from the carpet from our house I used as a vine hanging down."

Luke's Diorama and Oral Report:

Hunters' Camp
 "The white mat is for sleeping."

 "This is fire with marshmallows cooking."

 "Trees and shrubs growing with shells."

"The rope they use to catch the animals and a white circular, 6-prong trap."

Caleb's Diorama and Oral Report:

Forest Fire
 "The red is the fire and the wood is the trees that are in the fire."

Then Caleb made a 2nd Diorama entitled "Broken Down Rack House"

He was unable to explain was a Rack House is. It's just a.....Rack House.

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