Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Toy of All Toys

Seriously, those folks over at PlaSmart, are going to owe me some serious marketing dollars. Not that they actually know me, and not that my opinion matters in the least to them, but lets just say I'm about to give some ridiculous kind of props to them about this toy they've created.

Here goes.

We cannot put it down! The adults kids in this household are completely drawn to it with magnetic-like force. We They argue about whose turn it is and let out fierce cries of anguish when the 2 year old bumps my their arm!

It's a game hard enough that you can't do it on your first try. (And no one in this family can do it on their hundredth try!) But at the same time you're completely motivated to try again. And again. And again.

Age 6 and up are completely fascinated. For hours.

Go add this to your Christmas list. Put it in the Something you Want and the Something you Need categories. Because you seriously want to make sure you get this! When was the last time the best toy on the earth didn't require batteries?

Has anyone else ever heard of this? I randomly saw it on the game shelf and bought it for my nephews for their birthday last weekend. Good for me, all toys were buy one get one 50% off last weekend, so I bought an extra to give to someone for Christmas. But after playing it for 135 seconds at the birthday party, my kids begged to buy it from me so they could play it.

And it didn't take much to convince me, because I wanted to open it too!


Edward and Gretchen said...

Just got it for jacob on his birthday yesterday December 5. if you are good at mazes bye this game it is amazing it is so fun but really really really fun every body bye this game today.

Edward and Gretchen said...

That was was sophia carel who did that that was not my mom or dad.

Sophia Grace Carel