Friday, February 13, 2009

Win a Double Date with the Robinsons!!

I've got two extra tickets for tomorrow night so see the comedian, Tim Hawkins! If you leave a comment on this post giving me one reason why you need a date tomorrow night, you'll be entered to win this little contest. (Mom and Dad Robinson, you cannot play because we really need you to watch the kids. :) Thanks!)

Here's a sample of Tim's humor.

He's also guy who did an unknowing tribute to my brothers, Cletus Take the Reel.

If you need a date, and you think you could stand to hang out with us tomorrow night . . Here's your chance!


rodiemom said...

Ok, I don't need to win since I already have tickets, but can we hang out with you anyway?

Vicki said...

Well we cant be there but have FUN!!!

Jody said...

Well, rodiemom, looks like you may just get to hang out with us after all. These tickets are just burning a hole in my pocket. Got plans for dinner?

The Zookeepers said...

Two words: 6 kids

Jody said...

The Zookeepers YOU WIN!!! Email me at jody@momentsbyjody so we can work out the details! See you tomorrow night!