Monday, February 2, 2009

Blast from the past: Here We Go Again!

I have come to cherish every last drop out of our trips to Florida!

And as I'm wading through laundry and searching for suitcases in preparation for THIS year's trip (IN TWO DAYS), just wanted to let you have a little peek into last year's trip!

I actually have about 372 photos, but I narrowed it down to these just for space sake. I'm trying to be really considerate.

I'm convinced that those mansions God is making in heaven, are all beach-front properties.

He made something like 70% of the world's surface water. So why can't there be more ocean front property with MY name on it?! Huh?

In the mean time, I'm so incredibly blessed to enjoy the generosity and love of a fantastic, wonderful, fun, energetic Aunt and Uncle who share their little part of heaven with me.

And who provide opportunities for our kiddos to talk to God at the ocean.

That's one thing I do every year. And I write poetry there. I don't know why. I just do. I see the waves, and poetry just starts rolling through my brain.

But this is the one part of the trip, I'm not 100%, totally, completely, unarguably, excited about.
The airport. I'm convinced nobody ever intended for families with small children to fly. But let's think happy thoughts . . .
I probably won't blog until we get home. I like to vacation and pretend the whole rest of the world doesn't exist. But come NEXT Thursday, when the re-entry into the real world starts to happen, I'm sure I'm gonna need someone to talk to! :)


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Have an incredible time sweet Jody!! Your best one yet!! Come back with an entire BOOK of poetry, ok?! Then you can sell it..I'm SURE it will make the bestseller list..then you can have your ocean front property! :) We're headed to Utah next week to see the Housers..yikes! Matthew and I with the six kids at the airport..let's pray that "airport angels" surround our families and it's one of the highlights of our trips..! :)

Amy said...

Enjoy every moment!

Edward and Gretchen said...

I'll miss you. Since I won't exist for a week, I won't expect you to be calling nor will I cry if my calls are not answered. Have a wonderful time!

Jody said...

Jane, we're Vacation buddies! Have the BEST, BEST time! I wanna see a blog about it when you get back!

Amy, thanks! And let's do that trading babysitting thing when we get back. You've got all the adjectives I'm looking for!

Gretchen, I love you. Even more than I love the ocean. HOWEVER, sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Kelly said...

Hope you have a super great time! Hopefully you all can thaw out a little bit. Let the man of your take a nap or two. He looks tired! Love ya!

Amy said...

Hey! Love the photos. Have a GREAT time, I know this is one of your most favorite things to do! And hang in there on the plane know I feel your pain.

I am loving catching up on your life, by the way. You are so funny and and full of life! xoxo