Friday, August 22, 2008

Once Upon a Move-In : D Day

The day did finally come! After 9 months of not being in our own Home, Move-In Day arrived! The Robinson's Moved into a New Old house.

And while you know I am a redneck at heart, I'm proud to say that the mattress did not stay on my porch overnight. See I have some class. I have my limits.

So while the big, strong men were lifting all the heavy stuff that had been sitting/rotting/waiting in storage for 9 months, the women-folk were also busy.

This is my wonderful, ever-so-helpful Aunt, and two of my wonderful, ever-so-helpful sisters-in-law. They are scrubbing the dirt, plaster, drywall mud, and paint spots off the floor in Claire's room. I believe they changed the water in the buckets 12 times. It was that dirty.

When I say women folk, I use the term loosely. No! I don't mean the women-folk are loose, but that I was not scrubbing floors. I was really busy carrying the baby around and taking pictures at the same time and telling people what to do--I mean, where to put things.

But then I got out the baby seat so I could take pictures and tell people what to do more effectively. The following picture just blesses my heart.

There's Mark, building an island in our newly remodeled and expanded kitchen. Lydia is trying to be entertained with the portable baby lawn chair. And the big kids are helping themselves to juice boxes from the fridge. While we had no other food in the house, save left over ketchup packets from McDonalds, juice boxes and water bottles flowed freely.

Back in our old life in our old house, the children did not have refrigerator privileges. They couldn't just get something out of it whenever they wanted. I had standards and strong feelings and beliefs that a child shouldn't drink more than 8 oz of juice a day. My, my, my how things have changed . . . now those little blessings on legs just help themselves like they've been doin' it all their lives!

Oh, and see those boxes on top of the cabinets? Still looks like that today. Who has time to unpack china?

And while you're at it, take time to really study the picture.

Corner cabinet door. Shall we say, askew?

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Kelly said...

I love the new old house. Can't wait to see it in person! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new picture of all the kids. You guys sure make so good looking kids!!!