Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blast from the Past: Fast Forward

Way back in Texas, I had a great friend named Kendra. Like me, she has 4 children, but she did hers within 5 years instead of 7 years. We met one Sunday at church and became instant friends. She was originally from the Midwest, we both loved sweet corn and the babyGap, and we each had a small mob of children.

Our fun times consisted of running errands together with all 7 children, exploring the local free entertainment like parades and community parties, and staying up WAY TO LATE playing Settlers of Catan after the kids were in bed. Oh, and going to the babyGap with all 7 children. They knew us by name, and I think they knew all the names of our kids, too!

Anyway, a couple years ago Kendra and family moved back to the Midwest and it was a VERY SAD time of my life and hers! The good news is now that we moved back to the Midwest! We live in the middle of Nowhere, Illinois and they live in the middle of Nowhere, Indiana! (Actually, she lives in a decent sized city of like 300,000 people!, but because it doesn't have the 6 million people of the Dallas metroplex AND there's only 1 Gap, she feels like it's a small town.)

So when our family decided to take a break from the New Old House and go on vacation we thought visiting Kendra and Co. would be great! It may surprise you how long it takes to get from Nowhere, IL to Nowhere, IN! Our short 6 hour drive turned into a very L-O-N-G 9 hour drive. How did we ever drive from Texas?!!

But once we got there we had the best time! It just feels wonderful to be with old friends! Comfortable, easy, fun. Sort of like a good, broken in pair of pajama pants. Know what I mean?

And this is how her beautiful little toddlers look now that they are gorgeous little kids:

Baby B

Claire's kindred spirit friend

And who could forget Miss Personality

Now, Kendra will probably kill me because I posted these pictures before she even got to see them. But I promise, they're coming soon, Kendra! I just have to paint the bathroom, unpack 17 boxes, clean out the Homeschool room, put up some pictures on my empty walls, fold laundry, make dinner, mow the yard, and play with my kids. But they're coming. I promise.


Kelly said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't even believe how big everyone has gotten. I probably wouldn't be in such shock if she would have sent a Christmas card and you too missy! But that is for another day. I'm so glad you got to visit with the M clan. Hopefully someday we will all be together in the middle of nowhere widwest!!

Kelly said...

Oh and by the way, when we get together you WILL be taken my kiddo's pictures as well. Mark it on your calendar. smiles

Jody said...

Christmas Cards? Did we pass Christmas? Huh . . . guess we missed that. Have to plan early for this year!

Kelly said...

Yes, please start early. How about now! You know how much I love my Christmas photos! I still have the one from two years ago on my fridge. Yours and Kendra! Does that make me really sad or what?!