Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Rarely do I run out of words. But I have a dear friend who lost her son 4 days ago. He was an infant Lydia's age. I have literally, physically been aching for her. Often when emotion overwhelms me, I have to put it to poetry. Somehow that helps me process when prose just doesn't seem to work.

So I tried to put words to the pain every mother fears that now my dear friend is living. Here's a glimpse of my heart. Please pray for this family.

Baby Boy


He was here, right here.

He was mine. Ours. Yours.

He is Yours.

He was a gift. My gift. The gift You gave.


I loved him. I love him. I can’t stop loving him!

You loved him. You love him now.

How? Why? When?

I thought he would be here still.

Are You here still?

‘Be still and know . . .’

Here, You are right here.

I feel You.

And he is with You.


~Jody Robinson April 2008


Kelly said...

So sorry to hear this news. Karen let us in on a few more details. I pray that God gives you peace and comfort as you are there for your friends. Much love.

Cindy Walsworth said...

Jody, That was beautiful. Very well put. We love the Robinsons. Always, Cindy

Jane Rowland said...

My dear friend.
Tears flowing....
You capture in words exactly what our hearts feel for our friend.
You have a true gift.

Love you much.