Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lydia Ruth, Picture #1597

Here's my baby again. I obviously can't get enough of her. My camera is simply most attracted to her right now. Don't even start . . . I know what you're thinking. . . 'What about your other 3 kids?' . . . 'How come we don't see pictures of them posted every week?' Trust me, they all had their days in the spotlight. If you'd like to come over sometime and see their baby albums, you can. Well, not actually right now because I'm not in my own house and all their albums are in storage. But when I get them out, I might just scan in some scrapbook pages so you can see that you don't have to be worried about their little developing psyches.

So for now you get to rest your eyes on my littlest beauty. Her nickname is Pretty Pretty these days. It was a bit of a digression to get there. Started out as Lydia, then Liddy Bitty, then Liddy Bitty Pretty Pretty (You don't know me as well as you thought you did, if you didn't know that I try to spend as much of my life as possible rhyming words) Then the name got shortened to Pretty Pretty. Seems like its going to stick there for a while. I'll keep you posted. (I didn't notice my pun until the proofread!)


Ginger said...

Very cute picture of *your* Lydia Ruth. I saw the blog title and was so eager to see a pic of my girlie on your blog. No luck.
I can't imagine anyone's worried about pics of your other three. The baby of the family rarely gets scrapbook time-- you're doing awesome at overcoming that trend! ;)

Karen said...

Oh she is gorgeous. Such a cute photo.

Kelly said...

I love her!
She and my Ava should be best friends!
Please come and visit so I can give her some kisses ( cuz I'm sure no one kisses her)
Love it!