Sunday, February 3, 2008

Seriously?! NOT the Same

Though I was never a "Daily Starbucks" kind of gal, I've really come to appreciate good coffee. The problem is everyone's version of good coffee is not the same thing.

On a date recently, Mark and I were leaving (the one) Starbucks (within 50 miles) and he said he had heard that McDonald's coffee was just as good as Starbucks. Seriously. Who makes this stuff up?!?!

This from the man who doesn't normally enjoy coffee without a 50/50 ratio of cream to coffee with 2 sugars. I love him desperately, anyway.

With a look of utter disdain, I quickly informed him, No, they weren't the same.

And though I don't drink gourmet coffee daily, a dear friend, J., from Texas sent me a Starbucks mug so I can pretend to enjoy it every morning.

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Ginger said...

You know we get a free pound of Starbucks each week? Put in your requests early, I'm happy to share! (We rarely drink coffee at home.)