Monday, February 11, 2008

Blast from the Past: Twins

I came across this picture from three years ago and had some observations.

1. I could tell right away which twin was who because they still make those faces. (Caleb's is usually sans the mac & cheese coming out of his mouth).

2. How was I expecting them to eat that food with the look I had on my face?!

3. I wonder if Luke's wearing of a pink bib is going to affect his pyche for the rest of his life?

4. Weren't they adorable?!!!!

5. I do NOT miss hand feeding.

6. Who would have thought they'd have curly hair?!

7. This is one of only about 9 pictures I have that show me with both twins (in 4 years) (And don't I look so cute?!). It's pretty tricky to get the twins with mommy shot because I'm usually the one with the camera and getting Luke and Caleb both in the frame is a challenge for only the truly perseverant. Seatbelts on highchairs come in real handy.


AKA said...

Not to take the focus off you, but is that my dad in denim on denim ensemble reflected in the mirror??

Mark & Jody Robinson said...

I can neither confirm nor deny the identity of the headless person in the mirror. :) But denim is pretty popular at the farm . . .