Friday, January 18, 2008


Winter in Illinois has proven to be unpredictable. We've had snow, and then mud, and now snow again. Perhaps this is what winter in IL has always looked like and I just don't remember it.

Either way is it really perplexing to the children why it is indeed WINTER, and yet some days there is no snow, some days it's warm enough to go without a coat, some days it's too cold to play outside and some days they get to play in the snow! I should never have said, "Winter is when there's snow and you get to build snowmen."

So these pictures are Luke and Caleb playing in the mud. It was one of those days when it was really fun to be a boy! Instead of using the sled to slide down a hill, they turned it into a boat to float on the mud puddle.

These pictures don't do the mud justice. Caleb's pants kept falling down because they were so heavy with mud!

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