Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey there! I know it's been ages. And I don't really think you want to hear the excuses. But I decided to take a few pictures, and since I'm not breaking out the scrapbooking supplies anytime soon, I've gotta put the pics somewhere.

So, here's us at the pumpkin patch. Our first post-hospital picture of Family of 7.

I know Corban appears asleep in his carseat. Don't let that fool you. He did start sleeping in his carseat this week, but not for the first 9 weeks of his little sweet life. Hearing a newborn baby do that "wa-aah,wa-aah, wa-aah" cry in the backseat is no fun. No fun at all. So, I pretty much haven't gone anywhere or done anything since he was born.

Except the pumpkin patch.

Because my parents set up shop there. My dear Mama "put up" over 700 pints of goods this summer. Salsa, jam, jelly, salsa, pickles, salsa and more salsa. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy. Yum.

And they sold all that yumminess at the pumpkin patch in the little town where they live. Plus caramel apples & apple cider. Double yummy.

So that was us. The one day, about a month ago, when I left my house. (Well, that's not really me. That's my mom, my daughter, and my friend, Gyovanna.) But I was there. too.

Okay, I'm exaggerating for comic effect a little bit. I have left my house a few more times. Especially to go to church. You know what church I'm talking about? The new church in town....Fields Church! Led by the most handsome pastor you've ever seen. I mean, he is really good looking! Dare I say, Hot?!

But that's not usually why people go to church, you know? Just to see the hot pastor. Usually they go because they're interested in spiritual journey. Starting where they are and looking for God. So, hey, if that's you: come to Fields Church. It's probably pretty different than anything you've been to before.

I kinda like to call it CoffeHouse Style. We eat, drink coffee & juice, sing to acoustical music. We're age-integrated which means you don't deposit you're kids in a nursery or class. We worship all together. We're by no means a perfect church. But we've got a handsome pastor AND a genuine goal to help people on their journey to God.

That's what's going on with us.

And I might get out more now that the little bubby can sleep in the car. But the "wa-aah, wa-aah, wa-aah" was really cramping my style.

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Amy said...

Lord, do I know all about babies who hate their carseats! ;) You guys are a beautiful family! So excited about Fields Church...and yes, the pastor is totally cute. ;)