Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Birth Story, part four

Nope, they were just in time.

As they came in, everyone in the room got a little chatty. Smiles all around. Surprise, Kendra's here! Then from me, "Okay, seriously people, this baby has been waiting to be born, and it's not waiting any more!"

Mark and Pixie gloved up, Claire got wide-eyed, someone turned on a fancy light that mysteriously appeared out of the ceiling, and Pixie told me to push when I felt the urge. As I did, she said, “Slow down, or this baby will be born in one push!” “Breathe, Jody, blow. Let your body stretch. Wait for just a minute." (blow, blow, blow) "Mark, as soon as the head’s out, you can do the rest.” 

I reached down and felt the baby’s head being born. What a rush of love! I pushed again, and baby’s head was fully out. The baby opened eyes and tried to cry even before it was born. Everyone did a collective, “Ah!” with tears rolling down cheeks and our son was born into the hands of his father!

Mark laid him in my arms and named him Corban Mark Robinson. I had been hoping for a son. The phrase, “I was hoping it was you, and it was you!” kept going through my mind. That’s just how I felt. I was hoping it was Corban, and it was Corban, my “offering to God.”

Aside from certain events that accompany marriage, it was seriously the most spectacular moment of my life! Being so calm, and able to feel everything, waiting with peace and excitement for just the right moment to push…I loved every second of it!  Kendra described the look on my face as, "It looked like you'd just opened the very best Christmas present!....not to diminish Christmas...or your birth...or anything."

After 18 hours of “note quite labor”, 7 hours of torturous pain, and 2 hours of tingly numbness, the birth was marvelous. Simply, perfectly marvelous!

I took that baby boy in my arms and didn’t let him go. In the room with my family and friends around me, no one else even got to hold him before they left! I just needed that time. God had given him to me, and I relished in him, thrilled to the very tips of my partially numb toes!

Before the women-folk went home, Mark led us in praying blessing over Corban's life and dedicating him to our Father.

And then it was just the three of us....

Welcome, Corban Mark. Our lives will never be the same.


Ginger said...

Awwwww. So precious!! Congrats on your little boy.

Anonymous said...

That you so much for posting this Jody. What an amazing story, the story of birth. Corban is beautiful! Promise I won't call him that when he's out of diapers. Love to you all.


Vicki said...

Oh my I'm in LOVE..... with all of you :) What a sweet sweet ending :)

Gyovanna said...

He is really but really cute!!

Kelly said...