Friday, February 25, 2011

Grandmother's Tribute

If you knew my Grandmother for more than 30 minutes, then my name is probably familiar to you. Though she had 10 perfect grandchildren, I, Jody, was “special.” When my brothers used to make fun of me for being “special” which often meant getting special treatment, or a special trinket or a special treat, I told them, “Hey, you have no idea how many games of SkipBo it takes to make a person “special!”

While they were out shooting frogs with BB guns, or *ahem* shooting each other with BB guns, I was in being “special,” playing SkipBo at the card table set up in Grandmother’s living room, eating gumdrops by the mouthfuls, and cheating whenever I couldn’t get caught.

While my brothers were making mazes out of the straw bales in the hayloft, I was in being “special” making homemade pineapple ice cream and creating elaborate tea-parties-for-two complete with dessert mints and nut cups.

While my brothers were downstairs stacking all available couch cushions, sleeping bags and pillows one on top of each other and then competing to see who could high-jump over them without drawing blood, I was upstairs being “special” eating sliced apples and popcorn with freshly painted fingernails watching The Sound of Music.

It was a lot of work being “special”.  And great fun, too!

And for the one who was “special” this death is not only the celebration of a long life well lived, but it is a deep, deep loss.

My Grandmother loved me unconditionally. And that love has had a profound impact on my life. Perhaps, I would not be confident if she didn’t tell me how proud she was of me. Perhaps, I wouldn’t be funny, if she didn’t throw her head back and cover her mouth in mock shock at my silly antics. Perhaps, I wouldn’t know that I’m pretty if she hadn’t told me so. Perhaps, I would be shy….okay, I couldn’t be shy under any circumstance…. :)

But you see, being special to someone and loved unconditionally changes a person’s life. In the days since her death, I’ve bemoaned the fact that there were times I disrespected her: talked back to her, thought she wasn’t cool, shrugged away from her arm around my shoulder, or took my hand back. 

Why would I treat unconditional love that way?! My husband, Mark, said, “That’s how you knew it was unconditional. It was love that was tested and proved true.”

I thank God that I still have two other women in my life who love me unconditionally, and a couple men, too.   :) And it will be one of my life’s goals to reinvest what was invested in me:

To love others with the unconditional love of God and make people know they are “special.” 


Jane said...

Wow. What a beautiful tribute. Such a deep inheritance she left in you, dear Jody. And even though she's not with you on this earth, never ever forget how truly special you are.

Fawn Wheat said...


That's very lovely. The unconditional love of someone like your Grandmother is one of the sweetest gifts God gives us on earth.

Two years ago I lost my Gramma, and reading your blog brings back such sweet memories -- for that I thank you.

May you find peace that surpasses understanding in the coming days and years that will allow you an even deeper intimacy with God. After all, he loves you so much to give your such a sweet woman in your life.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said.
Love and prayers to you and your family.
steph mac

Vicki said...

Well I could not leave a comment the first time I read this, because I was crying too hard. Jody I love you so much. I am so happy that you were able to recieve this unconditional love. Because that is how you have loved me!! I remember playing skipbo with your grandma when I came to visit. What a beautiful legacy she has left. You are very loved my friend.((Hugs)) From texas!!!

Kelly said...

What a lady!!! So nice to know that even if we don't have earthly people to love us unconditionally we always have a heavenly Father that will and does. How blessed you have been to have her for so long.
Praying peace for your spirit during this sad time.

jordan said...

I had a grandma that loved me that way, also. I lost her at 19 years of age.I always wished my children could have known her. Or she could have known me as a grown woman. However, I am grateful to have known that type of relationship. And you have taught me that time invested is where special bonds form. I never considered that aspect. There were 50+ grandchildren and I had the honor of a special relationship. I hope you are doing well. Reading your tribute was a joy.

Anonymous said...

Just this week had a conversation with my oldest grandson... He said "grandma, Hana adores you!". His mother said ,"well don't you as well?". "ya, but not like Hana!". Then ensued a conversation about having a special Grandma or Nana in our lives and what that means to us. I was so challenged to be that loving, encouraging, accepting Grandma for my grandchildren that I had. Your tribute has inspired me as well. You were blessed Jody to have known your grandmother for so long and to have had thar relationship with her.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful words for a beautiful woman. Grandmas have to be one of God's most wonderful creation! There is nothing else like the love they leave in us, is there? And I know their hope is that we will spend our lifetime sharing that love with others. I know your Grandma saw that happening in you every day, gf. Sending up prayers for peace for you and all your family, my dear friend.

Amy said...

This is so very sweet, and what great memories you have of her. You're so right...may we all be able to leave such a legacy behind.

That said, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy. xoxo

Andrea said...

Grandmothers are rare beings. You can't replace them once they've gone, they are so "special" themselves. So full of beauty, as is this post. Your site is beautiful :)