Monday, May 17, 2010


A cutie in tie-dye makes me smile to myself.

 A cutie in tie dye wearing tweed-sided pink galoshes plopping down on a concrete blob in the middle of a field, only after spreading out her sweatshirt to sit on...makes me giggle out loud.

A cutie in tie-dye with tweed-sided galoshes who refuse to admit she is small cracks me up.

A denial-soaked cutie in tie-die with tweed-sided pink galoshes using her infantile biceps to hoist her 32 pounds of pure soft cuteness into the bed of a truck full of junk makes me call over other people to join me in laughing and pointing at the entertainment.

A cutie in denial and tie dye failing to be able to lift her galoshes-clad foot up and over the tailgate and resorting to a small, backwards-glance sheepish, "help"....there's just not enough kinds of giggling for that.

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