Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Equation

Post #189 minus 4 kids plus 5 days of company divided by 1 mommy times 6 vomiting family members, oh, forget it.  There's no real way to justify missing so many weeks of blogging. Nor is there a cute way to explain why I'm doing this list. Some people do a list of 100 things for their 100th post. Others do 100 things on their 100th day of blogging. So like all good wannabe writers, I saw it somewhere else, and now I'm making it my own.  But I already passed the 100th post and day, and I couldn't think of 200 things about myself in one here's a list of stuff about me:

1. I like to be funny
2. I get REALLY irritable one week a month
3. I fell off a waterfall when I was 15
4. It happened on a mission trip
5. I really like cool clothes, but realize I'm not quite cool enough to wear them
6. I fixed my firstborn's hair everyday
7. I fix my fourthborn's hair about twice a week
8. I want to adopt
9. I hope God gives me more biological children, too
10. I married the guy I had a crush on since 5th grade
11. We were married when I was 19
12. Lots of people thought we were too young
13. I'm a BIG advocate of young marriage
14. Maybe arranged marriages, too:)
15. I believe marriages work because of commitment & character
16. All the other gushy stuff is bonus
17. I'm really loud most of the time
18. I admire those who lead well without being loud
19. Honesty is very important to me
20. I think I was a compulsive liar in Jr. High
21.I narrate my life to myself in my head to make myself giggle
22.I detest cleaning
23.I like to cook when it's for a bunch of people
24.Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches happen at least once a week at our house
25.Now that I'm an adult I understand why we need faith like a child
26.My daughter is really disturbed that I'm getting gray hair
27. Me too
28.I love to be outside
29. I don't like to be cold
30. I love riding horses, but have only done it a dozen times in my life
31. My nickname as a child was Grody Jody
32. Because I had 5 brothers
33.I love to speak publicly
34. Sometimes I get tired of the sound of my own voice
35.I believe s'mores should always be made with 2 marshmallows
36. I've had 2 perms in my life, 15 years apart and loved them both
37. I started college with a major in Music Theater, and left with a Social Work degree
38. I love Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory
39. Also Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory
40. My favorite, but rarely indulged in, snack is a pint of raspberries all to myself
41. I don't like to find out the gender of my babies before they're born
42. If you don't love my children, I probably won't let you babysit them
43.I drink tea everyday, either hot or iced
44. I sing all day long
45. I sing really obnoxiously when playing games at tables
46. My brother, Kevin, usually harmonizes with me at table games
47. I weigh more now than at any time other than pregnancy
48. :(
49. I dance with my kids in the living room
50. I hope they'll always dance with me
51. I hope I'll always dance
52.I love presents! Giving and getting
53.Now that we're adults, my brothers usually call me Sister
54.I love to travel
55.I didn't fly in a commercial plane until I was 22 years old
56. My firstborn flew in a commercial plane 23 times before she turned 3
57.I think I'm my Grandmother's favorite
58. Everyone else thinks so, too
59. It's caused some issues over the years
60. I hope my kids think they are each my favorite
61.When I was in 6th Grade I told my teacher, Mrs. Link, I wanted to be an author when I grew up
62.I was a cheerleader for 6 years
63. I was kissed by a counselor at summer camp when I was a camper
64.I've only shared that publicly once, the first time was last week
65. I regret quitting piano lessons
66. I love stories! Reading, listening, writing, telling
67.I tried to learn to water ski 5 times but never got up
68. I got up on a knee board the first time I tried
69. I wish I played guitar better
70. I wish B chords weren't so hard to play
71. I don't like waking up
72. I like staying up
73. If I'm testing a mic, I'll probably sing "Mama said there'd be days like this..."
74. I made up a song to sing to my firstborn at bedtime when she was just days old
75. 8 years later, I'm still singing it to a child every night
76. My favorite movie genre is psycho-thriller
77. I've only walked out of 1 movie: American Psycho
78. The only movie I've ever watched twice in a theater: Avatar
79. I watch about 1 hour of TV a week
80. I spend about 1 hour on the computer each day, sometimes 2, maybe 3 if I have work to do
81. I think I'd do really well living in a commune
82. No, I'm not planning to start a cult
83. People energize and exhaust me
84. If I could have 1 household chore done for me everyday: Dishes
85. Every week: Cleaning the toilets
86. My first job after getting my Bachelor's Degree: Nanny
87. I said many times that I never wanted to home school
88. Now, I home school
89. It's hard for me to imagine not homeschooling
90. My motto: People are more important than things
91. I love everything about the seashore
92. I know that God loves me
93. That knowledge has changed my whole life
94. I've just recently figured out that knowing God means loving people
95. I'm truly surprised it took me so long to realize
96. This summer I'm going to have a dog for the first time
97. I wish I was more consistent
98. Consistency is not my strong suit
99. I love to look at photos
100. There are only 2 photos hanging in my house
101. I'm going to put up a bunch more really soon
102. I've been saying that for over a year
103. I thought I would be living overseas at this point in my life
104. I still think one day I will


Kelly said...

Interesting stuff there Grody I mean Jody. hehe
Most of these thing I either knew or didn't surprise me BUT one....
You only have 2 pictures hanging up!!!!!!! I'm shocked. Really, honestly shocked. How in the world did that happen?
Glad you are back to blogging.

AKA said...

Fun stuff!

Karen Robinson said...

This proves you are a great list maker!

Vicki said...

WHAT....two Pictures...One of me and one of Gretchen right? tap tap...this thing on....Jk. I LOVE you so much GRODY. I enjoyed reading every single one of those things...I miss you:))

Ginger said...

Well, I must say I had no idea we had so much in common. :)
13 & 14 me too
18 yep
22 I pay children to clean my areas. Does that count?
25 Amen and amen
26 My kids just found out that I've had grey hair for years. lol
40 LOVE raspberries and WILL NOT share them if I get some.
41 yep yep. A surprise adds so much to the birth event.
45 I don't do this (in fact, I generally space out at some point in the game) but I distinctly remember this about you. :)
60 I am forever saying: You're my favorite Elena in the whole wide world (but to all the kids ;) )
61 I wanted to be an author when I was in jr. high
63 Shame on that counselor. One of the reasons our kids won't be going to any church camp thankyouverymuch
65 me too, along w/ every other talent I could have possessed
74 I've made up songs for each of my newborns. Recently realized I don't have a song for my adoptees. :( Working on that.
83 People just energize me, given they're the right people ;)
87-89 yep. So glad I was wrong on that one. I love homeschooling. You didn't always feel that way, tho, from what I've heard

Really enjoyed this Jody. :)

lindsay said...

While I'm comfortable being a closet reader, I should follow the Golden Rule.

Great post. :)

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Can I just say that "I LOVE YOU, JODY ROBINSON!!" I mean, really! If I had a mountain top in my back yard and could go climb it this very minute and could shout from the very top that I love you...I would! Really! :)
Can you come over for brunch at The Rowland!!! Please??? :)

Jody said...

Thanks, Girls, for the encouragement! It's good to be back.

Ginger, based on our temperaments, I'm not surprised we have so much in common, but I never knew you liked raspberries like I do! Or that you, too, wanted to be an author. I bet you've got a book up your sleeve!

Jane, yesterday was just too full, perhaps tomorrow. :) Has that IN reunion been rescheduled yet?