Thursday, March 25, 2010

What My Life Says

So I just found this site,

The deal is you type in any serious of words, and it creates art by making the most frequently used words the largest in the picture. You can even have it do your entire blog, which is what I did.

So this is what my life says:

Wow. Did I know it said that? Am I surprised by anything? I'd love your thoughts.


AKA said...

a little deja vu here.....I'm going to point out that I think Claire is missing. :)

Malissa $ said...

Love that Life is in the middle, but i did notice that I didn't see Mark, Claire or Caleb :)But some of the words are very light and I may have just missed them. Also, i totally understand when we have a larger family someone's bound to get left out :) It's beautiful art though!

Amy said...

I love Wordle! And yours is very cool. :) I see mark there. What was funny to me is the word "pew". It's fairly big, so you must like pews. :)

You're inspiring me to do it with my blog. I shudder at what I might find!

Edward and Gretchen said...

FUN! I submitted my blog address twice and Amelia was the biggest word, birth second. Neat to see the different designs when you re-enter your address several times.