Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here's Some Stuff in List Form

Have had some stuff going on:
  • My annual Female Fling to Florida, pics still on the camera. 
  • Remodel of third floor, no pics yet, still in process, computer barely floating in a sea of remodeling clutter (that's why no pics/posts lately, the 3rd floor computer stores all the pics, so if you ever steal a computer from my house, please take the laptop. thank you.)

  • Trimming out the kitchen with crazy things like baseboards and door trim, pics when finished

  • 1 Gallon white paint spilled down the front staircase, couldn't take pics, too heartbreaking

  • My whole family is healthy! At the same time! :) perhaps we should take some pictures!

  • Snow is beginning to melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take a pic when I can see grass.

  • Lydia discovered the joys of Desitin-as-hand lotion/finger paint this week. no pic

  • Lydia discovered the joys of polishing her own fingernails/finger this week.  Yes, all 10 of them. Yes, from the 2nd knuckle forward. Yes, I took a picture. Yes, it was also all over the toilet, sink, floor, clothes. Yes, I still store the fingernail polish in a location that is easily accessible to children.  Why? I don't know.

  • I do believe God's face is upon 3rd Grader is finally mastering multiplication facts...ooooooh that was a long, hard road. But progress is being made.

  • Been looking at the cover of this book for a month now.

My Beautiful Idol

I haven't read the book, but I've learned so much from just thinking about the title and what the book could be about.  How I adorn myself, think about myself, worship? myself...what other things in life have I tried to create/do/be/care for/long for that God might consider an idol.  Albeit, a very beautiful, pretty, colorful, well-manicured idol.  But an idol. Something I use to make myself feel better or look better instead of using the life and power God offers me.  Or perhaps its something I'd like everybody to look at and admire instead of having them look at my character...because we all know character cannot be manufactured.

I haven't read the book.  I don't even know what the back cover says. I bought it from the bookstore because the title was so captivatingly convicting. I look at and begin to question my actions and my motives.  Who needs to read the book when the title does all that?!

Here's a thought: write those word down somewhere in your life and just look at them.


rodiemom said...

FYI desitin in eyes can cause blindness. And I forgot all about the paint on the stairs. You worked hard to get that clean. Way to go!

Val said...

So I followed your link to Amazon on the book, and I loved the author's quote in his 'about me' section:
"My Passion in a Nutshell Enough of this cutesy "we're better because they're worse" Christianity - from old guard political platforms to young believers who think torn jeans, a tall coffee, and some bitter complaints spewed through spotty facial hair somehow represents a better way. How about actually searching for, and standing upon, a better way? And the better way isn't found in new places. The better way is exactly where - and with whom - it has always been. Enough revolution. Enough feeding frenzy on the dead horse of a worn out approach to church. Enough fighting fire with fire. Bring water. Rediscover passion. Experience adventure. Pay a price. See what happens when you replace "principles" with "virtues" - see if there isn't enough of "home" left in you for some homesickness for a better way, a way breathed to life by God, to still stir passions in your life. Prodigals don't thrive in the far away land. Elder brothers are slaves until they summon the courage to speak honestly to their fathers. Let us meet there - on our Father's land - and ask him, together, how we might live and turn this life into a tour of princes and princesses who bring justice and comfort and meaning to a world that is dying for it, and will only hear it if we make it our passion first. This is why I do what I do. And it's bringing me back to life."

I think I might need to read said book for incredible cover AND incredible (if a little run-onny) author 'about me' quote. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do read it!

Shipra Panosian said...

Hallelujah to the whole family healthy part.
I cringed about the white paint. Dare I ask?