Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Am I Coming or Going?

Deep thoughts by Jody:

Whenever you leave a place you're actually going to another place.

If I leave tomorrow, but don't arrive until the day after tomorrow which day is the first day?

Packing for a trip where you're going to see a bunch of people who last saw you 18 months ago when you were over 7 months pregnant with your 4th child and weighed 30 more pounds is easy. Anything looks better than that!

Claire and I have both already shed tears just thinking about the day that we'll have to come home from the trip that hasn't yet started.

The Details:
The 4 kids and I are embarking upon an expedition to spend some time in Texas. Mark will remain here in farm country because it looks like they might actually get to plant some corn this year after all. We'll miss him tremendously and it was with great trepidation that I desired to go if it meant going without him. (A person being able to desire something and have great trepidation about it at the same time is a feat reserved only for women.)

So for all of my fellow believers in the miraculous power of prayer, this is your call to action!

Goodbye!!! I'm leaving!


Hello!!! I'm Coming!

If you live in the Dallas area, and would like to catch a glimpse of us we'll be at Finch Park in McKinney from 4-7 PM on the 16th. Sort of like an open-house-bring-your-own-picnic kind of gig. I'll be the pasty Yankee trying to keep track of 4 kids at the biggest park in town all the while keeping one eye open for fire ants.

(Wow. Is that fodder for stalkers, or what?)


Vicki Miller said...

I can't beleive it's just days away. And I don't want t o cry next week so could you just stay???

rodiemom said...

Pasty?!? You could never be pasty! No stalker is going to know who you are. But of course we'll be praying for you and your brood. Have a great trip!!

Amy said...

yikes, after recently spending six 10+ hour days with 4 small children in the van I don't envy you at all. Well, actually I still kinda do, because it is amazingly fun (and emotional) to revisit your past, and reconnect people who mean so much to you. I will be praying!