Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Things Never Change

Remember last year when we went fishing with Uncle BJ? None of us Robinson's knew that in order to fish with Uncle BJ you have to find your own worms. But once we got there with our shiny new poles in hand and no bait to be seen, we quickly jumped on board the Find-your-own-worms Bandwagon.

After Uncle BJ turned over a few old logs and showed the kids where to find 'em, they really got the hang of it. But from behind my lens, I kept noticing this expression whenever a child would hold up a worm.

Just wanted to let you know, some things don't change. Here it is again this year.
She may have hair that's 8 inches shorter, and may not be dressed in the required "play clothes" designated for Adventures with Uncle BJ, but that face is just the same. Minus a tooth or two.

This time we weren't going fishing with Uncle BJ, though. (Uncle BJ? When are you going to play with us?) Just playing around planting stuff in the back yard. But once you've been acknowledged with praise and photos for finding one worm, you tend to find lots more. And show every one of the them to your Mommy. Hoping she'll take another picture.


Amy said...

Their expressions are hilarious!! Identical, too. I remember my bait-finding days...I'm sure I looked very similar!

Love your photos. xoxo

Ginger said...

Nature study at it's finest!
Soooo cute those missing teeth! We haven't lost any teeth around here in a long time, hmmmmm. Wonder who's next?

Shipra Panosian said...

boy, she's a lean-mean-worm-finding machine! What are you guys planting?

Jody said...

Ginger, Claire just lost another tooth today!

Shipra, we were planting perennials called Creeping Red Sedum that day. Transplanted some Monkey grass this week.

No actual vegetables until next month,but we've been tilling up our garden area.