Friday, April 17, 2009

One of These Boys is Not Like the Others

It has begun to happen. A separation? A definition? A choosing? Or just a passing style? I'm not sure which it is, but we're beginning to see direction between the twins. For so long, people wanted, begged for something to tell them apart.

Who's the outgoing one? Who's the taller one? Who's the cuddlier one? Who's got curlier hair?

And for so long, our answers were nondiscriminatory. They kept changing! Like trading personalities so that only one would be 'the little stinker' at a time. Which was sort of a good thing for me. Because who can really handle TWO little stinkers at time!

One of them was definitely more inclined toward a ball and could throw and catch earlier. And one was 6 months earlier than his brother at being able to put together the 24 piece Winnie the Pooh puzzle. However, in no way would I have said one was more athletic or one was smarter. It just wasn't that obvious. And now they can both throw and catch and put together all of our puzzles.

But we're beginning to see something on a social level. One guy comes home from church and says, "I met a friend today. His name is Shawn." So I ask the other one, "Did you meet any friends today?" The answer, "No."

We went to the park yesterday and this is what progressed.

One of those little men is telling everyone else what to do! He's got them in rank and file and has trained them about when to move and when not to.

One of the unfortunate Subservients is his own twin brother, born 1 minute away from him. The other two boys are random kids they met 5 minutes ago.

So one of the soldiers found this 'Thingy' that only the Leader Boy is allowed to throw.
Then all the peons are allowed to go find it and bring it back to the Leader.

However, this time, Mr. Leader-Boy threw the thingy, and ran and covered it with his foot while all the rest were scrambling around searching to and fro. Whereby, actually sabotaging his own crew from success! And giggling all the while.

He finally did laugh so hard that the other boys came to see what was so funny. But did he relinquish the Thingy into their over-willing grubby little hands? Oh no. Only the Leader gets to throw. And only the Leader chooses who the Leader is going to be.


Ginger said...

So, was he actually the first born of the two?? Not that it matters, but it'd be pretty funny. I always say that I have 4 firstborns (Pedro, Maya & Elena actually are firstborns and Isaac is technically a firstborn since he was the first boy). But Chloe is my firstborn who wasn't. She has the special gift of being able to follow, but she leads any chance she gets! lol
Very cute story.

Kelly said...

I can't believe how BIG the buddies are. They actually are big kids!!! I will just always remember them as the "little buddies" that would come over and play at my house!