Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Photo Speaks to Me: Unsolicited Commentary and Conversation

1. The only thing that matches in this photo is Claire's shirt to Lydia's socks! When did I stop caring what my children look like in public?! What does that say about me? I think I still care. Sometimes.

2. The duck. Which came first the yellow or the green? Is it graffiti? Or is it old paint showing through?

3. We're trying to figure out which season it is: Claire: in capris and Lydia: bundled up in her jacket.

4. I have NEVER gotten into the whole tennis shoes without socks thing. I understand having some really low socks, but NO socks is not cool. How can that feel good? Do you do that? I don't do that. And I have never ever ever ever worn socks with sandals. However, I cannot speak for other adult members of the family.

5. The big sisterly love is simply oozing down and all around this photo and puddling on the floor of the world with sibling love. Claire is completely smitten with glee.

6. Lydia wishes she felt the same way.

7. Did the following picture come before or after the above photo?

8. Why do I like it even more?


Kelly said...

I know you still care about how your kids look in public. And, by the way, they couldn't be any cuter. Sometimes red socks are the only ones you can find. Probably because they don't get used very often. I love when you can actually catch sibling loving each other and not fighting over who get the princess cup. Not that mine do that. ha

Amy said...

Those are precious photos! What sweet sisters. And I think they look adorable--you CLEARLY care what they look like in public. :)

Tennis shoes without socks make my feet sweat. Blech.