Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LifeSavers: Mark Had a Fight with a Tree

And boy should you see the tree!! It's knocked down and cut to pieces!!! Mark was surely the winner!

However, he did receive flesh wounds in the process from something of the likes of these:

He's got some puncture wounds that are REALLY sore. Pray for him today and over the next week. We've heard the poison from a Thorny Locust tree can be nasty. A trip to the doc showed no more thorn left in his arm, but some of us aren't convinced of that.

But really, you should see the tree. It's like obliterated!


Kelly said...

In the words of Olivia," What of the World!!!!"
What kind of monster trees are you guys growing up there?!
Hopefully our brave Mark will recover quickly from all the wounds his suffered from slaying the monster.

Edward and Gretchen said...

I lived there for 18 years and never saw this kind of tree before. I think your family has had enough sickness and injury to last you a long time.
Get well soon Mark.

Amy said...

SERIOUSLY. Those are the hugest thorns I've ever seen!! I can't imagine how much that would hurt! Poor Mark--but I must say, he's a real stud to take on a tree like that!

Jody said...

Thanks girls! He's still very sore and doesn't have mobility of his arm. I tell him he's kind of paralyzed, and he doesn't like that. So I'm trying to be supportive in other ways,too! :)